"Thanks to the National Student Exchange program I was able to take my studies away from the continental United States to the Caribbean at la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Rio Piedras where I got to experience firsthand a different taste of Latin culture. My appreciation for Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata music was only amplified as was my love for tropical weather. With Spanish as my second major, not only did I get practice in each of my classes, I fell in love with the "Boricua" accent shared by classmates and professors alike. While some parts of the island were very USAish, I have yet to travel to a state that can match the unique identity of this beautiful place. I had many memorable trips to the beach and to "El Morro" in Old San Juan with the friends I made there, and I was able to learn a lot more about who I am and where I am going in life. It's an experience I'll never forget. As long as you're adventurous and able to adapt, NSE is for you!"
Sal Guardiola

"I went to the University of Kentucky for one semester; and it was such an awesome experience. Going to UK was so unique, from the incredible basketball games, to taking road trips on the weekends to different states nearby. While I was there, there was an intense “National Emergency” rated ice storm, and lots of snow, which was something I definitely wasn’t used to. Even if it is just for one semester, participating in an exchange program is a great way to open your eyes and get out of your comfort zone. It is amazing how a different state in the same country can have such a different vibe, culture, etc.; and seeing these differences makes me want to travel more and more. I am very happy that I did the NSE program to the University of Kentucky, and I would recommend this program to everyone."
Jessica Tonjes

" While on exchange in Puerto Rico, I had the most amazing adventure of my life; new friends, new food, new language! I'm so grateful I had this opportunity because it has opened my eyes even wider to the wonderful diversity that is this world. I urge anyone and everyone to expand their horizons as well!" 
Jannelle Gutierrez

"Exchanging to UMASS was great for me, because it allowed me to live in another part of the country for awhile, something I've never done. I got to travel in New England quite a bit, like making it to New York City a few times, and even catching a Red Sox game at Fenway Park in Boston. I also got the opportunity to be on the UMASS Women's Rowing team for a semester. Five AM practice was tough, but watching the sunrise from a boat on the river was incredible. How many New Mexico college kids ever get a chance to row?" 
Molly Maguire-Marshall

"My experience through National Student Exchange program has become one of the most influential aspects of my entire schooling. I'm amazed at how much I can learn just from traveling to another place within my own country. The coordinators at both my home and my host school have made me feel welcomed and supported. I have grown so much as a person just by taking this step to leave the familiar and open to all the possibilities that are offered by being in a new place with new people!" 
Melissa Hobbs