Items needed to make your NSE Application Complete:

  1. APPLICANTS PROGRAM OF STUDY STATEMENT/LETTER OF INTEREST: A concise statement, no longer than one page, of how your proposed exchange will contribute to your academic and personal development here at UNM.
  2. APPLICATION FEE: $150.00.  (Paid in your application by credit/debit card)
  3. COMPLETED APPLICATION (Please click on the link below).
  4. PAY PLACEMENT FEE: Once your application is accepted and entered into the NSE placement system you will be charged a $150 fee to your Bursar's Account. 

*Application and Placement fee's are non-refundable. You can however transfer your application fee to a different semester. The Placement fee will only be charged once you are entered into the NSE placement school process. If you withdraw your application before this step you will not be charged the $150 fee. Combined the NSE fee is $300 to participate. 

Application Form

Applications for the Fall and Spring National Student Exchanges are due on February 15th the year before you wish to participate in NSE. Should you wish to exchange during a Fall or Spring after the application window has passed, please contact the UNM NSE Coordinator. 

If you have questions about NSE, please email