Before You Leave

Before you leave for exchange, we want to be certain that you are prepared. Here is a quick checklist of things exchange students should be sure to do prior to their departure on exchange:

  • Remedy any Holds at Unm (Bursar, Advisement, other)
  • Pay off Outstanding Balances
  • Register for the NSE holding Course
  • Meet with your academic advisor to examine possible courses you need while on exchange
  • Have courses from your host campus evaluated PRIOR to arriving or registering at your host campus. Please note that for Biology, Management and Chemistry, these courses must be evaluated directly, through the applicable college. Contact you academic advisor to have these courses evaluated. For all of the courses, there is a bank of previously transferred course work. To see what courses have already been evaluated, visit the following link:
    • If you don't see a course equivalency and you would like to have it evaluated, please contact your NSE coordinator at your home campus with the course information.
  •  Once you have identified courses which you would like to have evaluated, please complete the form at the following link and send it to the you Home campus NSE coordiantor: