Frequently Asked Questions

What is NSE?

The National Student Exchange program (NSE) is a unique opportunity to enhance your education. Nearly 200 institutions in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Island and Guam are members of NSE.

How long can I participate in the NSE Program?

Students can study on exchange for a semester or a year. Some campuses encourage year long exchange.

Why should I participate?

Many students choose to study on NSE to access courses not offered at UNM. The credits you take will count toward your UNM degree and this will help you graduate on time. You can access courses unavailable at UNM and add depth or breadth to your degree program. We believe that exploring the diversity of the United States is a great opportunity to understand the country in which you live. Finally, you could study in a location you have always dreamed about!

How much does it cost?

It is a tuition-reciprocity program. You will pay your UNM tuition at the amount you are currently paying while studying at your host school.

All NSE students are charged a $150 NSE application fee and a $150 placement fee to participate in NSE exchange.

What are the eligibility requirements?

To be eligible to participate in NSE, students must be in good academic standing at UNM. Students may not be on disciplinary probation, have current pending disciplinary action being taken by the UNM Dean of Students Office, or have a felony conviction.

Can I use scholarships and financial aid?

Yes! Many scholarships, including the Lottery, Amigo, Presidential, & federal financial aid (including Pell grants & student loans) can be used towards your study abroad program.

How does the NSE placement work?

Initially, NSE placements are made at the priority placement conference held in March. This is your best chance of getting your first choice host campus, because some schools are not available after the conference. The deadline for priority placement applications will February 15th.

Should you wish to exchange during a Fall or Spring after the application window has passed, please contact the UNM NSE Coordinator. 

What are my chances of getting my first choice school?

Ninety percent of students get their first choice school. But, some schools are extremely competitive and placement is not guaranteed. Please talk to the NSE coordinator about this issue.